Sails for fishing boats (these one is more for fun)

Personal design of the sails.  Different sail colours according to client wishes.

 This one  for Cumulus 164 boat....

and racing sails

Kiddy rigs 2,0-5,4 sqm  


Sail for kids windsurf schooling 2,0...5,0 sqm, 

Boat and airplain covers. Marine tops.

Optimist  pvc cover , 90 eur.  for Zoom 110 eur. PVC+ sunbrella Laser-165eur., 29-er 185 eur.

New  sprayhood .

Surfboard bags, special reinforced bags.

Tents, awnings and umbrellas repairing and ordering.

Lotteland, Estonia.170sqm. (270g Wethermax cloth)

Sails and boards repairing.


SUP board

DN bag

Spinnakr bag.